Subhanallah Subhanallah Subhanallah Regarding the topic of married Men sleeping with Married Women or Married Men with Single Ladies And Married Woman with Single Men and also Singles to singles and any other form of Zinah out there. As Muslims we know that adultery is haramun but that does not stop from us from doing it why because imaninmu Ya ragu a Zukatan mu. But what is The cause of this problem?

Number 1, cause of this problem Wallahi is Ourselves and we have ourselves to blame for all of it, Why so because we are so in love that we don’t seek guidance from Allah SWT, we will just go Marry because of love. Wallahi duk Abun da ba asa Allah ba Wallahi sai anyi da Nasani. Salatul Istikhara we should always do this in selecting our partners in marriage Allah will select the Best for Us. Wallahi anyone that did this his marriage life will always be a successful one. If we don’t know the Dua for Istikhara check Muslimpro Yana ciki. Don’t just do things like that always seek Allah’s Guidance and he surely guide to the right one. Even those thinking about leaving their marriage for some reason Wallahi do Istikhara for 5 to 10 days, if you feel OK and u have a peace of mind then let them be that marriage is not for you and surely Allah will provide u with one better than the one u had, But if you are not OK and you feel no peace of mind about what u seek then stay in Your marriage and fight for it and pray hard about it, Wallahi Allah will make it better for you. Remember if you forget Allah, Allah will forget you also, sai ya Barka da iyawan ka. But if we always include Allah in our activities, Allah will always guide us through everything. 

2. Second problem is we keep forgetting that what ever we do in this life will come back to us. You been sleeping with the different girls before marriage and expect Allah will giving you a faithful Wife or the other way around with the girls and expect a faithful husband Who re u kidding? Wallahi Allah baya hada Wanda ba dai dai dashi ba sai dai Wanda Allah ya so Ya jarabta shi. Allah ka Bamu ikon Cin Jarabawan ka. So please if you want a faithful husband or wife please keep it to yourself. Things are so bad that now a girl Will ask someone to disvirgin her and she will even thanks him for making her a woman Subhanallah, And we should also stop deceiving ourselves, Kina or Kana Zinah u won’t stop and repent to Allah wai sai Mutun yace innayi aure xanbari wallahi Wannan karyace Kawai, even Masturbation stop it before marriage please and please. 

3. Third Problem Wallahi is our parents, some of our parents are to be blamed for what is happening. You have a Daughter or son and he or she will tell you dad please get me married knowing that you can afford to it done but the parent will denied them marriage Don Girman Allah how do expect this children to stay safe out there ai sai Wanda Allah Kare. Sometimes parents are the root cause of this problem Wallahi a father will tell his daughter she has to finish Bsc or even masters degree before she can marry Don Allah how expect to stay safe while she mingle with Boys and young men every blessed day bayan tanuna ko ta fada aure take so ai sai Wanda Allah ya Kare. Wallahi just last week someone told me in one of the federal universities in the North, there are 50 female freshers that are pregnant without even knowing they are pregnant. They went for medicals in the school and after blood test the school found out. Look am not against female education but once your daughter said she want marriage tell her u want marriage is OK no problem but I have one Condition you will have to finish your Studies in your matrimonial home that is my condition shikenan this case is closed. Don Allah parents should do right by their children in kana da Halin Aurendda yaranka weather male or female please do so even before they ask, Aure baya Hana karatu also Karatu baya Hana aure. And parents should always try their best to marry their sons and daughters to a good family and a person with good characters this is really important ba Auren ba Zaman lafia, parents should also stop pressuring their daughters about marriage in Allah bai kawo bah a taya ta da Aduan Allah kawo Kuma ya Bata Nagari. Takurawa suyi Aure shi ke sa wasu ke Auren Maxan da suke shanwahala da Su. Allah ya Bamu da yaranmu Maxa ko Mata Nagari Ameen. 

4. The last One is about the married Couples engaged in Adultery reasons behind their actions Wallahi is because of those there are married to while others Kuma is because problem number 2. They have been sleeping with different Men or Women it will be really difficult for them to be with one person. While others it’s the problem of the one they are married to that push them to it, you have a Wife or husband he or she don’t dress well, they don’t know how to be polite, they don’t care about your feelings, they are not romantic in any way in ba Wanda Allah ya Kare ba shikenan sai Zinah. And must men engaged in adultery because they don’t find their wife to be sexy enough while the ladies is because no love is Shawn to them so they seek somewhere else, so we need to correct our mistakes so it doesn’t not come back to hunt Us. Allah ka Ganan damu Gaskiya Amin.. 
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May Allah guide us and Guide our children, ya Allah protect our Zuri’a to the right and righteous path, Ya Allah you are All knowing please Allah grant us what is best weather we ask for it or not, ya Allah anything that is bad for Us ya Allah protect us and guide us from it, ya Allah all the married Couples having problems with they marriage ya Allah we ask you to make it better for them and those enjoying their marriage life ya make it more sweet for them ya Allah. Does of us that are not married ya Allah give us what is best for us, ya Allah grant us with good Husband or wife ya Allah and make our home to be a blessed one. We all have our desires if they good for Us ya Allah grant them to us Ya Allah, Ya forgive us and forgive our parents, ya Allah Muslims that died since from the era of Prophet Adam (AS) till today ya Allah forgive them and have Marcy on them Ya Allah.. Ameen Yah hayyu ya Qayyum 

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