Peace be upon you all members of the OD family .
The world is believed to be a man’s world where women have little or no say in matters that concerns governance, they are largely relegated to house chores and upbringing of babies which they carried with hard labour for nine months, they do this for as long as they live. The world almost does not notice the good in them but quick to notice anything bad about them.
The hausa community/ the Nigerian community  which i am more familiar with aren’t left out in this lopsided arrangements; though religion and culture contribute to this in a large extent but, with some mis-understanding . The greatest pain and shame of a mother is for her daughter to either commit abomination, carry an unwanted/out of wedlock pregnancy, inability to cook or take care of her husband, a divorced daughter sitting at home without a husband, a daughter at home without a husband e.t.c. whatever a girl does negatively bounces back to the mother and not the father therefore, mothers try to bring up their daughters in a most polite and respectable manners so as to avoid being mocked by the world . Women should be guardians of one another “ciwon ‘ya mace na duk mace ne”.
Ladies should pls avoid being mocked by the world, cover up your dirty linen and do not expose yourselves to mockery and abuse, guard your modesty and respect yourselves, talk only when u need to and talk like a modest woman . Foul languages and public insults are habits of men and the world tolerate that as a man’s life but, certainly not tolerate it from a woman, her mother will be blamed and accused of ill mannered upbringing.
I pray this little piece of my heart will go a long way in impacting good morals to all women who may come across this piece. May God guide us all to His righteous path.

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