The dinner at the luxurious Hilton wasn’t something I would want to miss out. The turnup was mind blowing. So many beautiful faces that made me feel a bit ugly and insecure ,ahn! ahn! now ,this girl’s can’t even take it easy anymore they dress too elegant . you might mistake them for the bride,it makes it seem like they are even against the marriage . Seriously I’m pretty sure I stood up more than twice in between the occasion to get my self checked in the mirror again and again to be sure I looked good too.. hmm nobody is even ugly again oh. Then they are different categories of girls in such weddings. I’ll just mention few.
1.The fashion runway walkers:hmm,this ones feel too on fleek they have refused to get unnoticed before the evening runs out a.k.a #NoticeMe😤 they walk about like it’s exercise training for olympics just to get noticed.
2. Silent Killers: This category just use to form like they were forced to come. There other characteristics include dressed to Muder😵, they don’t eat much or even look at what they have been served, there eyes are mostly glued to their phone etc.
3.Then my category😒: Dress fine from home like I have killed it,but on getting to the event I keep checking myself in the mirror at the rest room🙇🏻‍♀. But in the end I know it’s just my insecurities trying to buldge out😇. Another thing I have learnt on attending such event, don’t expect and you won’t get disappointed.. things like finding your Mr Right🙄 don’t even decieve your self be like me🤣. But when it happens well, good and fine alhamdullilah. Finally my to do list during such occasions are watch and watch others🤓,take pictures, gossip small #astagfhirullah 😔 and the best part eat happily because if the food passes me 2-0 and I wasn’t born to be a looser😑.Well back to the story. Trying my luck to see the guy from last night,I even started praying on my chair because I couldn’t get a sight of him.The event was getting pass the middle,I stood up to receive an important call.

I decided to stay for some while after the call ended at least to catch my breath from the whole scenario going on…
Yeah that feeling of disappoinment arising *I’m just annoyed at myself for forgetting my own principles “Expect nothing be like me”😪 . I shrugged away the feeling because I knew if Allah willed it would have happened for us to meet again *sigh. The view outside was quite captivating and less noisy compared to the loud hall.Finally I could just be at ease and not have to feel insecure about my look. Hmm nawa oh,how beautiful the elite packaged them selves like they had no worries (coming from an average home it’s necessary I get amazed), sighting the car park from where I stood it seemed like a showroom for cars because I could bet I saw mad cars like the ,Rolls Royce phantom,Mercedes benz of all classes ,BMW,Audi R8 etc.Well the thought that no matter the price of the car,it still needs fuel to run was just absurd so It was less astonishing.A message from Hassana popped in “you this girl,get your ass back😤” . I started laughing, walking inside and replying her message “disrespectful child🙄. Alright,on my way back .. .. .. I felt my self crashing into a hard surface, that moment I realized that first all this isn’t a wall and how can a wall scent so nice. Here’s your phone came the voice that knocked me back to reality, you should be more careful you know,he said. Yeah you too😒 I said (please you guys should help me out,was I do only one not looking before we crashed into each other) i was busy adjusting my gown and veil I used over my shoulder when I recognized “You should be more careful”. Here’s your phone he said again that was when I quickly looked up (No way it’s the guy please it’s not true,is this a set for a Bollywood movie😟). I collected my phone and beamed a smile trying to make repairs for what I said earlier ( please who sent me to angrily say you too. -1,way to go Maryam😓) . Thanks “again”. Trust on how I will place emphasis on “again” so he might remember just in case.. He cocked a brow and wore a confused face like trying to remember “again”. (He doesn’t even remember not up to 24h, Maryam just respect your self and be going😧, so disappointing). #TC

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