Yeeeh! I just dropped a call from my sweet friend Hassana, about a wedding coming up soon and she needed someone to go with her. knowing me to well that I love attending weddings, why wouldn’t I gladly accept the offer😝. Don’t get it all wrong, I’m not so into getting married any Soon, I don’t even have a boyfriend and I don’t care, errrm🤔 okay maybe just a little. Weddings this days are almost like concerts, I’m not understanding again wizkid, Mr Eazi etc. Mc’s AY, Basket mouth, Bovi etc. It doesn’t stop there the event most be BlueVelvet marquee, Event unlimited etc . Photographers must be the one with names George Okoro, Mei gaskiya, Ahmed zol mention them. Dress we will hear Huddaya, style Temple etc. Make-up by Ami mansur, Dazieta, Bibis_makeover. If BellaNaija, Nothern Hibiscus, Ovations, Tozali isn’t there it didn’t happen. Hmmm it’s not even concert, show ne😂. I really enjoy the show and the food😍. But seriously what is interesting the most is seeing two young beautiful people in love getting married, it feels so nice like in the movies😃. Well marriage is a big deal you know, choosing who you will spend the rest of your happy☺ and annoying😑 Life with and the most important of all it means choosing who to complete your Deen and you as a person. Hmm even though this days after all the the beautiful wedding and pictures we end up hearing tragic stories of divorce ☹ nawa oh. That’s why they say no patience for this present generation I pray it get better👵🏻.
It was time for the kamu💃🏻 Maasha Allah the hall at the A’ class park at Maitama was so beautiful. The lovely fragrance coming from the incense diffusing around the hall embraced us as we entered. I was dressed in an elegant Navy Blue Iro and buba lace and a nice but simple make-up while Hassana wore a brown and milk colored simple sewn lace which complimented beautifully with her chocolate. Aunty Hauwa, Hassana’s mum made us say Salam to some of her friends before we took our reserved sit. Snapchat! Snapchat!! After that..

The bride arrived in a beautiful pink Stoned work asoke that made her look so elegant and beautiful. Her makeup was done by the famous Ami Mansur,yeah all thanks to snap chat nothing is hidden under the sun😎. Ahn ahn bet why so fine aunty😥. I could bet her skin glowed so much one will think water might not wet it, Property of mecury kam😄. Her aunt and friends were happily dancing in with the bride, while I was busy happily munching on the small chops we were served☺. Alhamdullilah there were no much guys around so I cared less and even if they were it’s haram to waste food now😁. Her friends dressed so nice in their asoebi and looked so beautiful as well. They sat around the bride taking pictures etc and the rest of the event continued.
The handsome groom came in with his friends dressed in a very nice grey Baban rigga, He wore a dashing smile which couldn’t help but expose his dimple. *Hmm nawa oh where on Earth do fine meet fine.. money meet money me I want to go there and find love😄*. Food was served and I ate happily as usual. It was getting kind of late so I ordered an Uba to take me home. I proceeded to go and take pictures with the beautiful bride before going and Hassana offered to help take the pictures. As we walked pass the brides friends to meet the bride, the bride’s made started giving that who are this ones look😒. Hmm I seriously don’t know for all this friends of the bride that take things personal like it’s their wedding,anyway they were well ignored. I took pictures with the beautiful bride and made Dua for her marriage. She was filled with so much joy and happiness that you could see her dabbing her face with tissue in between the event *crybaby* Allah sariki. I pray Allah gives me the opportunity to have such a beautiful feeling some day too.. Ameen.

I pray Allah gives me the opportunity to have such a beautiful feeling some day too..

As I was leaving,Aunty Hauwa (Hassana’s mum) made the caterers park me small chops in a souvenir bag with other nice stuffs from the wedding (Nig. Weddings if you don’t have connect OYO is your case😅). I love Aunty Hauwa she is those type of aunties that never disappoint👌🏼. Hassana walked me out the entrance before we hugged each other good bye, *till the dinner tomorrow Maryam .. Inn Sha Allah Hassana💕*. I was trying to locate my Uba at the car park when I mistakenly hit my toe on a stone😤 Inna lillahi, Ouuuuugh I cried, as I bent to hold my toe that felt like it was dissecting off my foot😑 a voice from my side came through, *You should be more careful you know*. I turned and found a gentle looking, nicely dressed,tall and chocolate skin colored guy. *Yeah I said* Then he came a bit closer and asked *Hope you didn’t get hurt?* *Not really*,He said sorry and I thanked him and left. I found my Uba and went home. My toe got better after my mum applied ointment #Mums❤. I couldn’t sleep,I kept tossing around my bed like a dice, it wasn’t my toe but the guy from last night, I couldn’t get him of my mind. But why😞, I asked my self it wasn’t making any sense. Oh no,I’m having a crush😟. Well, it’s just a crush it’s normal and it will fade.. I woke up next morning with him on mind, I remembered the look in his eyes,how he showed concern like it’s his fault or something. Just what if I get an opportunity to meet with him again. I mean I’ll like to meet him again,I concluded and there is only one way and that’s the Dinner tonight Inn Sha Allah.

to be continued…

Maryam Idakwo



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