I would not write about this on a normal day, but the rate at which it’s increasing is quite alarming.

Worst part of it is, the people who are involved in these acts are graciously beautiful and attractive women who would make beautiful wives and mothers.

I don’t know about you but I have been approached several times by different women on different platforms on different occasions.

What I’m even scared of, is the naive girls who would fall into their traps as they are very cunning women who would use material things and money to lure people, especially greedy ones.

Worst of it is these type of women are in our neighborhoods, we just don’t see through them. I’ve seen countless situations where they lure very little kids with very little amount of money, SubhanAllah.

The heart is fragile and the mind is weak which means it’s very easy to fall into their traps. To avoid falling into their traps, I would give some punch lines on how they make their moves, please, when you come across people like that, run for your lives, please run, run before you go deep into it with no turning point.

  1. These women are very cunning like I said, some might approach you as business women who sell underwear, very beautiful captivating underwear, the minute you show interest in them, they’ll offer to send proper pictures on how it looks on a woman. Then they upgrade when you make a nice comment. They’ll tell you that their breasts are even more attractive without underwear on. And then they’ll offer to send you pictures and videos to see. A naive person, would agree to it, cos of-course it is a naked body after all. And then the process begins. They make you feel comfortable and booom, you find yourself sticking to the pictures and videos they send then they offer to give you the underwear for free and they invite you over.
  1. Some might pose as customers who want to get the products you are selling or services you are rendering. (That’s after they’ve looked closely and watched your moves and seen what you do for a living) they will offer to send pictures asking if the products or services will suit them. And if you tell them yes, they’ll offer to send videos for more clarification. The next thing they’ll send would be nudes. You might fall into that and the conversations will continue.
  2. Some might offer to give you a ride (lift) when they see you on the streets and the minute you get into the vehicle the next thing, they start touching you. Be careful whose car you enter.
  1. Some are even fearless and strong headed. They will tell you straight away that they are lesbians and they’ll like you to be their partner. They’ll say all sort of nice things to you and make you feel beautiful. And they will offer to get you anything you want. The minute you begin to smile at it, they’ll ask for your nudes in return and that way, you are gone.

The only way to avoid all these is the minute you sense anything fishy with the way a woman is treating you, please run away, block them and avoid being in contact with them. Do not wait to feed your curiosity, sometimes curiosity could land you in trouble. Do not wait to see how far they’ll go. Do not think you are smart because they are smarter than you.

Social media, Social media plays a vital role which makes all these things easier and flexible. Social media is helping them excel in their acts. Instagram beggars and very young girls who want to slay by all means fall into these even faster.

Run Away! I repeat Run Away when you come across women who approach you in these manners and make you feel uncomfortable.

May Allah protect us all. Ameen

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