“I know you are verily aware of how much I love and adore you, wallahi! You have been part of me which I can’t reject. It hurts me when you are hurt, it pains me when you are in pain. If you ever doubt my love for you already, I am now assuring you that your love is still there, very intact in my heart. I want you to know that you are the best woman to me and you are whom all men would wish to have as a wife: beautiful, religious, smart, brilliant, educative, productive, ambitious and a very good cook. I promise I will always try my best not to never let go of these hands, I will make sure I never forsake any of my responsibilities as your husband and the father of our children In Shaa Allah! I promise you my wife please have faith in me because I have faith in Allah”. I can’t just help but keep crying as those words sink into my head. I think I am overdoing it. This should not be the reaction of a woman of faith. I have been having nightmares ever since my husband told me of a workshop he will have to attend at Lagos. This is not his first time of going to such workshops but this particular one I am just having a strange, odd feeling about it. I wish I can stop him from going there, I wish he could just stay here with me and our children, I wish he never have to go anywhere…I wish…I wish… “My heart is aching cause of these your tears,please stop crying” he urgeds wiping my face with his handkerchip”I want you to know that am working hard and all these am doing is for you and our children specially, I want to give you the very best I can, I want to be someone our children will gladly point to as their father but seeing these your tears it weakens me,or should I not go? Alright am not going if that will make you sto…”I quickly cut in, “Dear husband, you should know that am not against the will of Allah. I have loved you right from the day I set my eyes on you and I will continue to love you. I just pray that wherever you go, whatever you do, you will not forget me. And please,promise me that you will take care of yourself for me”. He smiled until I saw his sparkling neatly arranged teeth.

I can sense that he is very happy with what I said. “Thank you dear wife,tell me then,what do you want me to buy for you when coming back?”he asked. “Only one request sweetheart. Please come back to me safely as you go from here,you are more precious to me than anything you will ever buy for me and I pray you can still keep your promise to me,the promise to lead me to Jannah! I won’t ask for more than that. Please dear husband,build our house in Jannah with me”. I calmly plead.
I can see tears rolling down his cheeks,he is so overjoyed with what I said. “Come closer to me”he ordered. I did as he instructed. He hugs me tightly for so long that I wonder if he will ever let go of me.
“I love you very much my wife”he whispered in my ears.

Now getting to our daughter’s school,Maryam,we sought permission from the Principal to allow us see her. It has being the habit of my husband to visit his children whenever enrouting on a journey. My youngest daughter,Maryam,now 16 is in S.S.2 and her elder brother, Khalilur rahman,20,is studying medicine in Usmanu Danfodio University,Sokoto. Khalilur rahman,ever since a child, have the dream of becoming a medical doctor. Been earlier motivated by Dr Ben Carson’s book “Gifted hands”,he dreams of specializing in neurosurgency. He is such a gifted child! Alhamdulillah!. We are all proud of our lovely children. I am more overjoyed by the fact that they were able to memorize the whole Qur’an before going to secondary school. I always admire Huffaaz ever since a child and I promise on raising my children that way. Alhamdulillah! I’m able to do that with the help of my dear husband who already is a Haafiz. Before I got married to him,I did not memorize the whole of the Holy Qur’an but with his motivation and encouragement,I was able to make it. I always thank Allah for giving me him for he has been my treasure ever since I got married to him. He is such a lovely husband,very caring!. Ya Allah! Don’t ever let me regret marrying him.
Maryam had once represented the state at the National Qur’anic Competition and she happened to take the second position.

Khalilur rahman had also participated in the International Qur’anic Competition and he took the first position. He won many prizes and part of us too as his parents were given free chair to go to the Holy City to pay pilgrimage. He was also given the chance to study in the Holy City but he choosed to study in his country. That is my son! So patriotic!. I am so proud of my children. They have been bringing and are still bring honour to us. Alhamdulillah for such wonderful gifts!.. “Good morning Mr and Mrs Ahmad” I guessed you are Maryam’s parents. She asked politely. “Very correct! You have a good memory on top of your beauty”. I complimented her. She smiled broadly. “Miss Racheal? Am I right?”. I asked. “What an authentive memory! I guess Maryam must have inherit that from you”. She replied back. Miss Rachael is Maryam’s class teacher and school guardian. She has been writing to me about her performance and progress in the communication book. She also said that I have raised her well and that I should not relent in my effort. I can remember that last year during the school’s prizing and giving day Maryam was given the prize of “the most well behaved”in their class among other prizes. I always feel happy whenever I receive praises and compliments from people regarding my children’s performance and behavior. It has not been easy but Alhamdulillah! My children are growing exactly the way I want. “Please Ma,if you will not mind,I will like to make a suggestion. If you will let Maryam,I think it is a good idea if she writes WAEC and JAMB with the present SS3 students now. I think she is able and considering her intelligence and hardwork, I know she can cope while in the university”. She said finally. “Thanks for the piece of advice. I really appreciate but do you think Maryam can do it? Remember, she is just 16 years old and getting a child into a university at that age is very risky. And I dont know if Maryam will cherish the idea because I have talked to her about the issue once and she showed disinterest. I don’t want her to skip any class and by next year she will be 17 and in SS3 then, I think that will be the best time..

To be continued….

Maryam Bashir Dodo



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