You see, some parents send their children to university after rushing them to write WAEC and JAMB before finishing their due time at secondary school at an early age which is very bad. Their efforts as parents to give them the best education turned out futile. These children,at that age, when at the university will be expose to all sorts of immorality. Most of them will be withdrawn or go into probation after the first year due to their inability to meet a certain Grade Point as expected. They find it difficult to cope with the huge academic works,they relate with the wrong friends,part of the ladies,alot of them will be sexually harassed by some lecturers or their so called boyfriends.” I said. “We do encounter alot in the university. I have heard of such cases several times. Sending a child to a university at an early age is not the best. A child under 18 has alot to learn before going to settle on his own without parents guidance. I think by next year she will be okay”. I concluded.
“You are very right ma, even while at the university we experienced that. But considering her upbringing and intelligence I don’t think you will have a scintilla of fright. I know she can cope.” She said.
“That’s true. I don’t know if she is interested in that but what do you say Habeeby? Do you support the idea?” I asked her father who seems busy on his phone.
What will he say? Will he agree to her suggestions? Will Maryam also agree? I asked her father who seemed busy pressing his phone. I always ask my husband for his advice and approval concerning our children’s development and future. I believe that he also has the right to say anything concerning their development for they are not only my children but also his.
“ If she agrees then there’s no problem Habeebaty. I know my daughter can take care of herself anywhere she finds her self.” He said.

That is my husband! He is always being diplomatic and that is why he will and will continue to be my Habeeby! He is not the kind of father that make decisions for his children about what he wants them to become. It is good to guide a child and make decision for him regarding what you think is best for him but don’t ever force a child to become or do something out of his wishes. Give your children a chance, a say to voice their opinion and when they do that, ask them why they want to become or do such a thing and them compare that to how it will benefit the society and make them see that. My husband believes that giving children the opportunity to make their own choices regarding what they want to do or who they want to become in life is the best. He says that people do not put in their best when they are force to do certain amount of work but when a person is allowed to do some work on his own he will put on his best. People feel reluctant to do things when they are not interested. All a child needs is proper guidance and counselling.
“ Thanks a lot Miss Rachael. We will look into consideration about your suggestion. We really appreciate your effort in helping us to raise and educate the children. Please, do not hesitate to inform us of any new observable character or behavior you notice our child is developing”. He says.
“You are welcome sir, it’s part of our duty as teachers to see that every child in this school have been raised and trained in such a way they will benefit the society” She replies’
“We will look forward to receiving more of your remarkable advices and suggestions” I said to her.
“Okay Ma, I think I have a class by now” She said while looking at her wrist watch, “I will be going now”. I quickly opened my bag and brought out 10 thousand naira and gave it to her. She tried rejecting it but I insisted that she must collect it which she did later after she thanked me. I wonder why in our society teachers are paid less after all they are the ones that molded and trained each highly person you see today whether he is a doctor, engineer, lawyer, architecture and other fields of profession. I think they deserve a better and fatty salary and allowance if not the highest. This is one of the things I want to amend when I become a Minister of Education; to see that teachers get a better salary and to improve their standard of living. Most of my friends laughed at me whenever I voice my opinion of becoming a Minister one day. But Habeeby believes that I can become one for I deserve it. He always encourages me and keeps reminding me to never give up on my dreams. So help me Allah!
“Salamu alaikum warahmatul lah wa barakatuh. . .ummy. . .abby. . .how long have you been waiting for me? Is that Miss Rachael I saw you talking with? What did she. . .?
“At least you should allow us to answer your salaam before bombarding us with these your infinite questions” I cutted in.
“Sorry Ummy”. She apologized.
“Wa’alaikumus salaam warahmatul wa barakatuh ya Maryam” He answered.
“C’mon my daughter” He embraced her.
“How are you doing? Hope we didn’t interrupt your lesson that is going on?”
“Not at all father. Are you travelling?’
“Yes Maryam. I am sorry I didn’t inform you that I will be travelling to Lagos for a conference meeting. I saw that you were engaged in writing your assignment yesterday and I didn’t want to interrupt that. I wanted to tell you in the morning before you leave for school but unfortunately I didn’t wake up early. I hope you understand.”
“Oh Abby. . .you should have just told me yesterday without considering what I was doing. Anyway I am so glad to see you”. Maryam said.
“Abby, why is Ummy not smiling? Why did she keep quiet? Has she started missing you already?” she teased.
“Maryam. . .” I warned her.
“Don’t mind her my dear. Miss Rachael has talked to us about your performance and behavior. I am highly impressed and for that, I am going to give you a very special gift for making me proud. She suggested you to write SSCE and JAMB while in SS2, I don’t know if you are interested but what’s your own view?” He asked her.
“ Abby she once talked to me about it but I don’t want to write it now. I want to graduate with my mates, I don’t want to miss them so soon”
“Okay no problem. I wish you all the best sweetheart”
“Thanks Abby. I wish you the same.”
“Sweetheart, I am running out of time, I will be leaving you now. Take your studies seriously and please don’t ever relent in your efforts. Thanks for making me proud of you”
“Thanks very much Abby, Jazakallahu khairan, indeed your words means a lot to me and In Shaa Allah I won’t stop being myself and I will strive more to be my better self” She said while she hugged him. He patted her in the back, he is really a Dad!

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