I need all the support I can get sister Fatima. Thank u for this great platform, may Allah bless u abundantly. I’m the kind of woman who always wants to give the benefit of doubt to someone. I trusted my husband 100% until recently. Of course checking his phone has never been something I do. Infact , when he started using passwords I didn’t care. I never entertained those thoughts. I don’t even stress myself over these things. I don’t know why, I did check…..and i know ppl would blame me for it but I believe it is just a way Allah destined..and of course I saw text messages btw him and a christan girl where she evn sent acct no,he has her pics both with her, they call each other frequently, n even calls  her by a loving term.  I’m hurt, really hurt. I know many women go thru this, I never knew how painful it would feel. Wallahi, men fear Allah. The pain u inflict on a woman’s heart and the tears u cause to flow might be ur downfall. But, I don’t hate him. I still love him. Infact,I’m willing more than ever to do everything I can to have him back. I don’t think d relationship Is that deep yet, I believe I’m better than her and that with Allah, she’s nothing compared to me. This is what I’ve been telling myself to pacify myself. I need duas ,if thers someone u can refer me to for candid advice and duas , pls,pls,pls….help me. I know I’m not  perfect ,but I’m willing to make myself a better version. Thank u

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