Salaam alaykum Anty Fatee
Keep up with your good work. I am a medical practitioner and the only child of my parents. I spent my entire life under their care. While in school, I was dating my caring, amiable,loving and funny lawyer husband. He was all over me. We had a glamorous marriage filled with love and laughter. Some months after our union, he suddenly changed, stopped taking his responsibility, not catering for me even with the fact that am carrying his baby. I gave him time thinking he will change. Nothing changed then I reported him to his friend before eventually reporting him to my parents after 18months. His friend confided in me that I earn more than him that’s why he won’t spend on me. On the day I was in labour, he was at the hospital but did not pay a penny from my bills,catered for our son, while I purchased everything needed for my son and fund for his naming,
my parents did everything with the excuse that he’s not financially buoyant. I then reported to his friend again and he told it’s a lie that he bought a car the day I was operated. After recovery, I told my parents and both his waliyy and mine called for a sitting and he was questioned if I have offended him in anyway and he said “no” that I have never offended him since he married me, then his parents apologized and cautioned him and the matter was resolved and we went back home peacefully and he turned a new leaf for just one month and returned to his usual habit but this time around he beats me almost every day. I  still love him and want him to change but he’s not willing to and I can’t tell my parents because they will sue him and ask him to divorce me and I don’t want to be a divorcee. Please what should I do.

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