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Matsalar Mutuwar Aure Mostly Yana Zuwa Daga Mu Maza

Matsalar Mutuwar Aure Mostly Yana Zuwa Daga Mu Maza, majority. Matsalolin Sune Kamar Haka

Jan Hankali garemu mata

The way we dress kam abun yanzu baa tantancemu da Christians wallahi. I noticed this ma especially last year December that's biki season, in kaje dinner wallahi wani abun kai zakaji kunya ace wai yar uwarka musulmace tayi wannan shigar all in the name of wayewa or slaying.

I trusted my husband 100% until recently.

I'm the kind of woman who always wants to give the benefit of doubt to someone. I trusted my husband 100% until recently.

Maza a times kaman basu gani

Inada cousins da uncles dasuka taso cikin gidan mutunci da aka tadasu ta hanyan addinin islama,amma suka girma suka watsar,watsarwa ta hanyan Neman aure bada yarinyar kirki ba kuma they are regretting

Ina son a jawo hankalin mata musulmai

Pls ina son a jawo hankalin mata musulmai masu fixing nails, attachment, lashes, masu carving eyebrows da sauran su.

I really want her to convert to Islam once again

My mum was a Christian nd my dad converted her to Islam.After they got divorced she converted back to Christianity although my dad has tried all his best to bring her back she still refused.

I need some advice plz

I'm a married Man and blessed with a Child. This is 4yrs of my marriage, and always trying to be a responsible Husband/Father I could be but all my efforts are in vain. I'm a graduate with no permanent employment, but Alhamdulillahi ina iya bakin kokarina wurin naga na sauke nauyin Iyali da suka rataya a wuyana. Matsalolina guda 2 ne zuwa 3.

What's wrong with northern ladies these days pls?

I know how it feels to love someone,but if you're a lady,act like one...even men that are supposed to do the chasing;if a man disturbs you too much,he becomes annoying and you lose respect him,talkless of ke mace.