On getting in, the classroom was filled to the brim with students at all sides, corners and angles. Some were even hanging on the windows like monkeys. Typical Nigerian setting, the number of students outweighed the capacity of the classroom. Needless to say, if you ever wanted to hear what the lecturer was actually saying, you need to come at least two hours early and that i couldn’t afford to do because i needed my beauty sleep.

Malam Mukhtar walked into the classroom dressed in a wrinkled, overwashed brown shadda which i was sure had seen better days. He was followed closely by his servant/boy Anas carrying a pile of books and a wrinkled black duffle bag which looked just like its owner. Malam Mukhtar eyed us with his beady black eyes as if assessing who was and was not present. As if he could tell, i snorted mentally.

” Good morning, class.” His stern voice greeted.

” Good morning, Sir.” Came the collective replies of the students which sounded like a rumbling thunder storm.

” I gather all of you are here for our C.A test?”

Mumbles of yes’s was the reply.

” Good. Glad to know some of you still know why you are in school. Anyway, there’s going to be a slight adjustment. Instead of me giving you the test, my very learned nephew is going to take over. He just finished his degree in the Uk and has come to complete his masters degree in zoology with us here. I would not be completing the rest of the semester with you as i have some personal matters to um.. er.. attend to in the village.” He concluded.

” Don’t be surprised he’s going to marry another wife now.” I heard a voice mutter from behind me. I recognised it as that of Chioma’s. ” I wonder where he thinks he’s going to get the energy to satisfy her from.” She concluded and her friends broke into a fit of laughter. I shook my head and opened up my phone to continue reading a story i had seen earlier on opendiaries. The familiar whiff of perfume penetrated my senses once again. Looking up from my phone, this time, the image of a tall, brown skinned guy met my vision. My breath caught in my throat as i realized it was the stranger that i had seen his back earlier. He was tall, dark and dangerously handsome. I needed no Oracle to tell me he was fulani because his looks seemed to say it for him. He had dark bushy eyebrows which arched over equally dark pupils. His face looked strong yet soft in all some areas. His nose was long and straight, void of any hump, bump or crook and his lips looked so full and succulent. My eyes continued to observe every detail about him- from the way his kaftan stretched over his taut muscles, you could tell he spends countless hours in the gym- to his shiny shoes and equally shinier expensive wristwatch.

Damn Fatima, i think you’ve just hit the jackpot. He’s handsome and rich too?

Ding! Ding! Ding!

As if that was not enough, he studied in the UK. Then he opened his mouth to introduce himself in that hot British accent…..” Good day class, my name is Amir Suleiman……”

Ladies and gentlemen, there goes my heart!.

“Amma Fatima gayen nan ya hadu”
Hafsah whispered beside me breathlessly. I angled my head to glance at her, an incredulous look in my eyes. What was she thinking talking about my man like that? Okay maybe he’s not asked me out yet but I was very confident that he would. I mean why wouldn’t he? I was every Man’s dream, he would be very lucky to have me. ” Hafsah, kaman ya gayen nan ya hadu?what do you mean?” I asked her. Oblivious to my wandering thoughts,she replied. ” Ahn Ahn, Fatima ke bakida ido ne? Look at him! He’s every girl’s dream. Shi ba dogo ba shi ba guntu ba, shi ba baqi ba, dai dai yake kawai yadda ya kamata. Kuma wallahi daga gani yanada kudi, just take a look at his shiny shoes and that expensive looking wristwatch! Plus he studied in the UK too! Danallah hear that hot British accent of his!” She gushed out dreamily. ” I think I’m already in love with him” she sighed once again.
I looked at Hafsah from head to toe. She was dressed In a shabby atampa that the good Lord knows has seen better days. This same atampa that she’s been wearing right from 100level. As if that’s not bad enough Hafsah was ugly to boot. She had a broad face with an equally broad nose and oversized lips plus she was on the fat side even though she liked to claim chubby. The only reason she was my friend was because I needed her intelligence. Hafsah was a very smart girl. What she lacked for in looks she certainly made up for in other aspects. She was humble, religious,a great cook, and a wonderful homemaker. All in all she was what they referred to as wife material of 100 yards. During tests or exams while I was busy partying or learning makeup, Hafsah would study and as expected we would always sit side by side in the exam hall. Now now, don’t label me as the selfish friend..I did my part in contributing to our friendship by making her popular which I assure you she would not have been able to achieve solely on her good grades. We had the best seats to concerts and parties in and out of school, guys at our beck and call even though none actually asked her out, she was content with just being their friend. Once in a while I gifted her with few of my clothes but she would always decline, preferring to wear her old, washed out and Ill fitted rags. So for Hafsah to even think that this hunk of a man, my man would be interested in her was honestly beyond me. I needed to tell her the truth so she doesn’t get her hopes up. This man belongs to me. He’s mine and mine alone.

” Hafsah, who or what makes you think that this man would notice you? ” I asked her. Not waiting for her to answer I continued. ” Ke kinsan ba kyau gareki ba,kuma this gaye is hot..as in very hot and you know hot guys like him like hot or even hotter girls like irin su mu kenan,so what exactly do you have to offer him,eh?” She blinked away the tears that had begun to form in her eyes and recoiled like a serpent just bit her. I smiled, glad at her reaction. To soften the sting of my words I added ” This is the bitter truth. Guys like Amir only go for girls like me or should I say me kawai. Of course he can’t find another like me” I laughed airily. ” But don’t loose hope,maybe at our wedding I could hook you up with one of his friends ko kuma Dan aikinshi.” Yes, I’m a good friend like that. She said nothing, she meekly nodded and then turned to face Mr. Hunk who apparently was still talking. I cared less about what he was saying. All I knew was I wanted him to be mine, no matter what it takes.. to ne continued..

Nafysah Abdelaal

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