Am saying a big thank you to OD for this opportunity saboda labarina zai iya zama darasi wajen mutane da yawa. Social media is nothing but fitna to the umma when used wrongly.

Everything started when I was in ss2, we are not that rich, but we are financially ok. I was holding an ok phone with access to internet, my mum hatred towards social media especially 2go is something else.

I don’t want any trouble and am really not interested in that aspect at that time, all I do with my phone is watch film when I have free time, snap pictures and listen to music. Untill all my friends talk about was social media, especially 2go that have so many interesting things.

I started 2go out of curiosity and a few weeks after I met a guy that claimed to be from kaduna because fearing someone finding out about me doing 2go is much, I decided to open it with a different location.

We started as friends, before we exchanged numbers, he used to call me constantly, but I don’t always pick coz me and my sister shared a room and I was scared she will tell on me.
We just turn to doing free call. To cut it short, six month or less of me meeting Isa our friendship turn to love, it was so very intense that I couldn’t hide it from my sister anymore. Anyone close to me know about me and Isa, you know that first love thing. By then I have send Isa like twenty or more of my pictures, but can you believe I have never seen his? I begged and begged everyday for him to just let me see even if it’s one but he will decline every time.

He will be like what are you so impatient about, you will get tired of seeing me, am just waiting for the right time, and it’s a rule in my house that you won’t date untill you finished secondary school. I was so earger to finish coz I was head over heels in love with Isa. One thing led to another I was so blinded by Isa’s love, I don’t know how or when we started sexting.

I will give the credit of Isa being an expert in that aspect, he got me so addicted to him that even if he ddnt sext me I will seduce him into sexting with me. The first time he demanded to see my nudes I declined and we got into an intense fight. We didn’t talk for a week and it was killing me.

I finally give up and called him, apologize, beg and beg untill we reconcile and that night like always we engaged into sexting and Isa send me his nudes, but in all the five pictures he sends none of them show his face. He was like since I don’t trust him, he is trusting me.

I was speechless,on it went he is always sending me his nudes and by then I completely trust Isa even when deep down a voice was warning me against sending Isa my nudes. He asked for them again and for the second time I refused and isa got so mad at me, he stop picking my calls and talking to me on 2go.

For a good month Isa kept ignoring me, i was unhappy will not describe my state, even my mum noticed something was wrong with me cox she asked and I said I was just worried about my mock examination that was approaching. And that day I call and call Isa but he didn’t pick.

He came online and send me a long message saying he can’t trust me now and he is suspecting am dating someone bla bla bla. I feel so bad and guilty and he was saying he is breaking up with me that he can’t take it anymore. I cried and begged but Isa refused, is either I send him my nudes or we call it quits.

If only I knew I could have blocked Isa and never talk to him again. But I ddnt and I went into the toilet and snap my nudes and send to Isa. I cried myself to sleep that night, feeling so guilty. For days I wasn’t myself, thinking my mum or sister will noticed I did something that bad.

But after a few weeks and Isa showering love on me, and seeing how happy sending him my nudes makes him, i stop feeling guilty at all. That was how it keep going on between me and Isa. Shaitan keep singing in our ears. Till I reach ss3 and I was giddy coz I can’t wait to finished my waec and finally see Isa.

One faithful night I tried Isa’s number and it wasn’t going and he hasn’t call or texted me like he used to, I was very worried and he wasn’t online either, I texted him and left some offline messages. I was constantly checking if I will see him Online, but he didn’t show, I couldn’t concentrate on my assignments that day.

So I just kept the assignment aside and check my phone again. I saw a message from Isa, i was giddy with relief untill I open it and saw the message that shattered my heart to pieces. : I am sorry, am getting married next week. Was Isa’s message. I was shaking and crying at the same time.

And he removed and blocked me, i couldn’t believe it, everything I did with Isa rushed back to me, I called and called but his number wasn’t reachable, I was shattered and a living corpse for more than a month. I Silently cried myself to sleep every night. I deleted 2go and vow to myself that I will never trust any guy again ever. And I was done with social media.

Isa’s betrayal got me back to my senses and I started seeking for Allah’s forgiveness. I wrote my waec which was successful Alhamdulillah. And Isa was history, especially when I started got into BUK and face my studies. Dating was the last thing on my mind.

Till I was in my level 200 and I met a guy Ahmad. He was serious and you wanted to see my parents right away. To cut it short we dated for six month and got engaged. Ahmad was a good and religious guy. I sincerely love him and looking forward to having a future with him.

My past forgotten, until one day Ahmad called me that his brother wanted to meet me, I was excited and agree to it, they came to my house and everything the way his brother was staring at me was weird and got me feeling uncomfortable. And he was like that was his brother Isa. Even though my heart skipped a beat I didn’t suspect anything. The visit was brief ro my relief and they left.

That very night Ahmad called me and was sounding very serious, he said he couldn’t marry me, I was dumbfounded and shocked as he kept talking, telling me that his brother will explained everything. And it was Isa, the very Isa I met on 2go was Ahmad’s brother. I hated myself more than I hated him and everything I did.

The way Isa was telling me he couldn’t let his brother marry a girl like me hurt more than I could ever say. That was how my relationship with Ahmad ended. My parents couldn’t figure out what happened, coz Ahmad simply said things are not working out between us.

OD am still single and so very scared of dating another guy, I regreted what I did, am still regretting, but the what if’s are too much. I might meet someone that Isa knew, it’s such a small world. This is the first time I shared my story with anyone and I hope it will be a wake up to so many girls trying to do what I did, or are doing it.

Thank you.

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