Assalamu Alaikum,

Fatima ya kike? Ya ibadah ? May Allah accept it from us and forgive us our shortcomings. (Ameeen ).

There’s something that has been eating me up Walahi and most women are guilty of this act .

The use of Kayan mata. Yes Kayan mata is a good thing if it’s sole purpose is to help enhance intimate affairs and that kind of thing but any other one that is sold out by most people nowadays Walahi most of them are not pure .

Pls tell me how is it that your wear a bead either waist or hand and have either protection , favours , money and all sort of things ???

Biko this thing has been bothering Walahi . Remember wearing a taweez is SHIRK talk more of using all those so called Kayan mata that has been taking to some sorcerer for jazz ( lakani )

My fellow OD followers dan Allah dan Annabi mata mu kiyaye lets all be careful with what we do or use all in the name of Kayan mata .

It’s so sad because so many people have lost it Walahi

Yes sex is important in a marriage but Walahi mata ku kiyaye. Why do we think women are going to be much in Jahannam ? May Allah protect us all.

Any favour or what so ever that Allah hasn’t sent to you what makes you think some Kayan matan will give u in just 24hrs ????? Haba muji tsoron Allah mu kiyaye .

It’s as bad as most women don’t even know what they are buying they just want to mallake their husbands by force by fire ko ta Haram ne Dey don’t care forgetting that there are so many ways a woman can Malaka her husband .

Dan Allah er uwa idan kin mutu what will u tell ur creator ?? Walahi mata ku tuba ku koma ga Allah ..

How is it that a soap , herb or whatever they call it can just solve ur problems in a day or few days ?? Hmmmmm it’s just so sad pls why are women so gullible ? Why ?????

Everything has a price Walahi u don’t want to know the deal these so called vendors strike with those boka mallam. They don’t care about you they just want to bring so many people to hallaka and get money from you people . Making so many people commit shirk and shifting from the part of truth .

You don’t even know what you are inserting , drinking , bathing and doing all sort of things with Kawai you must mallake ur hubby Walahi it won’t last and for some men that are steadfast and hold on to their Deen it would neva Eva catch them onli if it’s written .

There’s a new one called something eye 👁 Walahi wen I saw it what came to my mind was anti christ ( Dajjal) . Hmmmmmmm kai Walahi akwai matsala. Tab!!!

Allah yasa mu dace ,just my humble advice mata ku ji tsoron Allah ku tuna akwai mutuwa which can come anytime , remember the grave , remember the day of reckoning.

May Allah make it easy for us , May Allah guide us to the right part , those who have bin misguided may Allah bring them back to the path of truth , those guilty of this act may Allah forgive them and may they turn a new leaf.

May Allah take us far away from pple that would misguide us . Allah yasa mu Chika da Imani yasa mu dace .May Allah accept our Ibadah and duas.

Assalamu Alaikum,

Amina Umar

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