About Open Diaries

Open Diaries is A platform where people openly and anonymously share their deepest secrets, true life stories & receive suggestions, counsels and support from public and get pieces of advices from the members of the community some of whom are professionals in the field of counseling, some are doctors, scholars, therapists some are lawyers.

Open Diaries A place where you can share those problems that has been giving you numbers of sleepless nights. With the aid and mature contributions of our wonderful audience, members And Ulamas Insha Allah good and proper advice to your issues/ challenges will be achieved.

We’re all amateurs with a few professional among us. We’ve been in the same boat or have tread the same path. We hope to show you the way, tell you the mistakes to avoid, or ways that helped us deal with our problems.

As the saying goes two heads are better than one. Now you have more than a hundred. Sometimes all one needs is a listening ear. If you have any problem you can send it to any of the admins. It shall be posted and your identity shall be hidden. When it gets posted you would receive enough advice from people and possible solutions. In doing that some of us with similar problems will have an idea on what or how to solve their problems.

Until recently, this has strictly been what OD does that and publication of pieces of writeups which serves to motivate and Inspire. But today OD has gone beyond just that; now, I’ve founded OPEN DIARIES FOUNDATION out of it! It is a charity body that provides alms to the needy. Its been in existence for almost a year now and we’ve successfully completed many projects.

And because we exactly know how so many crave to be listened and how countless others toil silently… and because we know there are many out there ready to listen to the broken and give a helping hand for the needy.. we erected this bridge… At OpenDiaries Foundation, we listen, we read and we help through you! And when you want to guide the lost, show empathy or help change a life, we also give you the opportunity… this is what triggered me to start opendiaries.

Within the few years it has been in existence we have touched the lives of numerous persons across the country especially its northern part. Our comment sections have provided life changing advices to alot of couples. Marriages have been salvaged, relationships ‘ve been fixed and ofcourse this isn’t including the foundation’s section which has helped hundreds of people in different ways. We’ve taken care of medical bills of people that are so poor they can’t take care of it themselves. We’ve enrolled kids in school. We’ve paid registration fees of many students in the tertiary institutions that are unable to do so. We’ve empowered countless people with means to generate income that they can use to sustain their lives and ofcourse food items in the forms of bags of rice, cartons of spaghetti and macaroni that we have are countless. We have renovated houses in the rural areas. Clothes and empowerment tools.

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