About Open Diaries

Open Diaries is a platform where people openly and anonymously share their deepest secrets, true life stories & receive suggestions, counsels and support from public. Its all about helping each other find solutions to problems and with whole lots of engaging activities: Articles, Write ups, True life stories, Love stories, Fictional Stories, Beauty and Fashion, Lifestyle, Success stories, Food and recipes, Health iand fitness, Exclusives, Entrepreneurship, Business, Career and finance, Entertainments, Love and Life, Daily Instagram, facebook and twitter posts, General discussion; Opinions, reviews and questions, Guidance and Counselling, Helping the needy, Women and youth empowerment, Provision of medical aid.

A place where you can share those problems that has been giving you numbers of sleepless nights. With the aid and mature contributions of our wonderful audience, members And Ulamas Insha Allah good and proper advice to your issues/challenges will be achieved.

We are all sisters in islam and what better ways to help each other other than share problems. As the saying goes two heads are better than one. Now you have more than a hundred. Sometimes all one needs is a listening ear. If you have any problem you can send it to any of the admins. It shall be posted  and your identity shall be hidden. When it gets posted you would receive enough advice from people and possible solutions. In doing that some of us with similar problems will have an idea on what or how to solve their problems.